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March 2021

My name is Sonya Herrera. My dream since I was about 7, was to live in a Perfect World that was based on LOVE as it's foundation. The Narrative I once believed was that Jesus would return. There would be no evil on the Earth. There would be no blood shed. Everyone would have everything they wanted and needed. Everyone could develop what they were passionate about and use it as a gift to the world. I wanted to make this happen faster. My dad said to me once, "think about it Sonya, to live in a world like that, it's not about following the rules, you would have to have the mind of Christ." So I set out to Understand that, and be in this World I dreamt of. I studied constantly, read all the books in the locked cases at the Institute buildings and left the LDS Church because I saw something Underneath the Stories. I joined the Baha'i Faith and ended it with the same result. There is something beneath the surface. My Drive was my Intense Pain. I was Rejected and felt Unloveable because I deeply commited myself to those who would reject me. The one that I felt loved by was my Dad, who was extremely addicted to drugs and alcohol and took me along for some intense situations. Then he died in 2004. I was in a few abusive relationships and have had two exes die. I have fought suicidal tendencies most of my life but only in the extremely painful situations I found myself in. I had to feel Completely rejected by everyone, by everything (bad luck), it felt like the Universe had Conspired Against me, and I wished to be the ground I walked on, with no awareness of existence. Because of all that I had already studied and understood, I knew that there was actually no Escape. Death is not real like we beleive it to be. So I would, in my pain, get the burning, aching desire, to transform after I totally gave up. I got my Bachelors degree in Philosophy, and minored in physics for two years because I could see so clearly the connection between them. I later worked on my Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies with only 4 Credits left to finish when more disasters struck my life and I had to quit for now. I made the choice in July of 2020 that I needed to do what I was passionate about because I was to the point in life where I felt like there was nothing I could lose that would stop me. I went homeless and still am, but I enjoy the hotel a lot now. In my process of losing my entire support system of people and money, I started seeing more than I was ever capabe of. I literally see me in everyone, patterns in everthing. It's all patterns, the patterns of my subconscious and conscious assumptions. There is no one to blame, no one to not forgive. only people to love. And I am still learning. My biggest Joy is in helping others see their own self, their power, their strength, their talent, their love and that they can do and experience anything because it's all them. Those things you don't like in your life, they are you. Do you know how? I use tarot and my intiutive abilities to help you see, so you can live the life that is here for you, when your eyes are open. To Understand you, is to understand me. If you are reading this, this is you speaking to you. Book a session with me to learn more about yourself and what you are currently creating and how you can live the life you want. You can also watch my videos on Tiktok and Youtube and Read my Blog here. Thank you!

Much Love,

Sonya Herrera

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