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It's All You. Everything You see...Everything You Experience... Your entire Reality Unfolds from You. How? Why? This means that the Only thing to Change, if You feel there is a Need for One, is You. If You Need Help in Knowing What and How to do it, Want to Know What Is Unfolding For You Based on the Energy You are Projecting Out into your Experience, Schedule a Tarot Reading and Consultation. I Can Help You Discover Your Subconsious Beliefs and Patterns, So You Can Understand Who You are, why Your life is the way it is, and How to Consciously Guide it into the Life You Desire. When You Start See that You are It All, and that You have Direct Access to everything "real" and "imagined," You have Began to become aware of your Awakening to Cosmic Consicousness.

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March 2021

My name is Sonya Herrera. My dream since I was about 7, was to live in a Perfect World that was based on LOVE as it's foundation. The Narrative I once believed was that Jesus would return. There wo

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