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Cosmic Harmony

with Sonya Herrera

 What can be something and not something?  It would be the reflection, the symbal, an image of something.  I am! You are!  All that you see is that reflection.  In the beginning You are.  You are God, and You are with God.    If God was all in existence, God would have no form, and therefore, not exist.  To have form, there would have to be a reference to something.  Otherwise, it would be dimensionless.  For God, to have form then or exist, a reflection of God would also have to exist.  The Reflection is the Symbal,  the Word, the Logos.  The Reflection of God (Form, Symbal, Word) would be life giving to God, the image would give life to God.  The image is God because without the image, God would not have form. It is with God because God is that which is dimensionless and without form, but is something for the image to reflect. The Reflection has life through the light of God and God has life, through the light of humankind. 

   There is no death in life.  Life is only given and cannot be attained.  Life does not die. It just is.  Darkness cannot see the light, because it doesn't comprehend the light. Darkness sees through eyes of fear and because fear is not life, that which fears dies.  Light is the Love of God, and Love does not Fear.  Fear hides, resists, runs, judges, tortures and condems.  Fear is a misunderstanding. Immortality, eternal life, is given to You, but you may not see it.  To see, and to experience eternal life, immortality, You have to be the light, the love of God.  To be, is to Understand, to comprehend.  There is nothing to fear, only that to be understood.  To Understand with love, is to understand without judgement.  Nothing is ever wrong, just misjudged, from a lack of understanding.  As we begin to understand this, we begin to understand and see who we are, which many have given the symbal, word, God.  We are the Image of God, who gives life to God, through being the light and love of God, through humankind.   We can see the image of God, which in form is Reality in Perfection, where there exists no fear, but to see is to first understand there is nothing to fear.

~ Sonya Herrera ~